Welcome to Balaji Groups

Balaji Group of Companies shall consistently and diligently manufacture products exceeding  the expectation of our customers, to remain a leader in casting market by excellence in  total quality performance. The foundry is committed to its quality policy and objectives. To achieve this, the foundry has formulated a quality systems and assurance program to bring about improvements in all areas of operations,Its a Group of Companies we Providing Quality Products to Customers.We are

  • Balaji Casting Industry
  • Balaji Mani Transports
  • Sree Balaji Technologies
  • Balaji Tool Agencies

Our Mission

Balaji Casting will provide Quality Assured, Cost Effective and Timely Delivered, Ferrous Components, meeting small to medium volume requirements of customers, while striving to be the most environmental friendly foundry. 

The above will be ensured  by :

  • A clear understanding of the requirements 
  • Being the best-cost producer 
  • Providing Quality Engineering and warehousing Services 
  • Being a green and clean foundry